Watch out, kids…

Yellow snow is not real snow!

Artisans Look Book

Cover illustration designed for a special issue of Variety about the relevant work done by the artisans in the movie industry.

AD: E. Stokes

Gift Card

I recently enriched my shop with a Digital Gift Card.
This is how it looks like.

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Hidden costs

Cover illustration about hidden costs on bank accounts for PLUS, Il Sole 24 Ore.

Art Direction: Adriano Attus

What to do when your kid is a YouTube millionaire

Editorial illustration made for Barron’s.

Art direction by R. Connolly

Drunken Tanuki

Editorial illustration about Japanese wine production, made for The Good Life Italia.

Art direction: Daniela Sanziani

How dare you!

Greta’s words at the United Nations really struck me.
This is a small tribute.

Horror Movies

Editorial illustration about horror movie cliché made for Link – Ideas of TV.



This is the poster designed for the 2017 edition of Weekendoit, printed during the festival by Rinoteca Silkscreen Dept.

Pizza Slice

Hand made pizza slice felt pennant, approx. 42 x 20 cm.
Here is the link to my store!