Mortgage, summer opportunity

Editorial illustration about low price mortgages for Il Sole 24 Ore, the main Italian financial newspaper. Art direction by Adriano Attus.

Fenomenologia di Grand Theft Auto

Cover illustration made for the latest book curated by Matteo Bittanti, Mimesis Edizioni.

Not so happy

We are happy to serve you… Maybe not so happy.

Personal project. Click HERE to see the whole process behind it.

Happy New Year!

A Gothic script to wish you a happy new year!

SuperMap Ancona

Cover made for the SuperMap project by Coffeeshirt & NERTO. The illustration is dedicated to the city of Ancona and represents its main products and landmarks.

Weekendoit 2018

This year I had the chance to work for Weekendoit Festival and its art director, Gaia Segattini. Weekendoit is the first Italian festival about arts & crafts.
The main aim of the festival is to promote and share knowledge about traditional and innovative craftsmanship.
The lettering I’ve made for the 2018 edition of Weekendoit has been used to design the whole identity.
The color scheme is not the one chosen from the AD, but it’s the one I prefer. You can see the chosen one at this link:

Logithec – Made with Craft

Last April Logitech gave me the chance to test their new Craft keyboard. Needless to say, I’ve really enjoyed using it by making this illustration inspired by the ancient world.

Friendship Dinner

Full page illustration made for “Cen’è per tutti”, a charity recipe book made to support Cena dell’Amicizia project.

Midnight Cowboys

Inside the late-night TV content machine.

Client: Variety

AD: Chuck Kerr

Jobs of the future

Illustration made for LinC Magazine’s article that sums up the last 20 years of Manpower’s activity and tries to imagine what its future could be like in the next 20 years.

Art Direction: Silvia Messa


Cover and four inside illustrations made for “Playlist, il meglio del 2017”, a special issue of Internazionale magazine.
The number is entirely dedicated to the best books, movies, music, comics, tv series, photos, videogames and gadgets of 2017.

Client: Internazionale
Art Direction: Mark Porter Associates

Let’s play

This is my illustration made for “Ideas for TV”, an article written for Link by Matteo Bittanti.
The article deals with the rise and fall of “Let’s play”, a typology of videos uploaded on Youtube by gamers for gamers.

Le Palle Illustri

Every year, in collaboration with Illustri Festival, produces a collection of Christmas decorations — Palle in italian — made of recycled cardboard and designed by four different illustrators. This year was my turn and this is the result of my work. If you like them, here is the link to buy your set!

Social or Solo?

Cover illustration and opening illustration made for onOffice magazine, September issue.

Art direction: Carlo Apostoli
Project management: Visionar Agency

Violence against women

Illustration made for Bossy Intersectional Calendar. is one of the main Italian sites dealing with equality, intersectional feminism and LGBT rights.
The money raised from the calendar sales will support Bossy’s activities.

Here is the link to buy your copy!


This is the poster designed for the 2017 edition of Weekendoit, printed during the festival by Rinoteca Silkscreen Dept.

Dante nella Selva

Digital portrait of Dante Alighieri made for Dante Plus exhibition in Ravenna.
Size: 35x50cm

Realty Check

Illustration made for Men’s Health, June issue.

Slow progress

Illustration made for onOffice magazine.

AD: Carlo Apostoli

Neuromorphic Computing

A computer to rival the brain, illustration made for The New Yorker website.

Illustratore Italiano

Series of illustrations made for new issue of Illustratore Italiano, an independent italian magazine about illustration and visual arts.

Art direction: Maria La Duca
Design Director: Filippo La Duca


Editorial illustration made for Popular Science.

Pizza Slice

Hand made pizza slice felt pennant, approx. 42 x 20 cm.
Here is the link to my store!

Travels with my Weather App

Editorial illustration for about Yahoo! Weather App.

Click here to read the article written by Juliet Lapidos.

Twitch aesthetic

Editorial illustration made for Link magazine, about how will shape our esthetic sense.
Click here to read the article written by Matteo Bittanti.

La Gazette – January 2016

This is the cover illustration I made for La Gazette, a little magazine published by Le Petit Ballon.

Life Hacks

This is an illustration I made for GQ Germany.

Web Radio

This is the cover illustration I made for “How to create a Web Radio” by Fabrizio Mondo, published by Dario Flaccovio Editore.

Internet Security

This is the cover illustration I made for “Internet Security” by Nicola Savino, published by Dario Flaccovio Editore.

Boobs and Food

Illustration designed for the charity cookbook Boobs and Food.

Keep calm and carry on

Editorial illustration about managing participants’ reactions to volatility, made for the October 2015 issue of Plansponsor.

AD: SooJin Buzelli


Cover illustration I made for FS Focus magazine.

Snow Globe

Editorial illustration about new year predictions in the entertainment industry, made for Variety magazine.


This is the poster I made for Gusto Robusto.
Printed in limited edition of 100 prints.
Every prints is numbered, signed and supplied with guarantee certification.

You can buy your copy at this link.

Il Sole 24 Ore

I’ve made these two illustrations for the new summer serie of Il Sole 24 Ore about job warranty and pensions.

Summer Readings

This is a series of illustrations I made for the book review section of La Stampa, one of the most popular italian newspapers.

Art direction: Cynthia Sgarallino

To Explain the World

Cover illustration for The New York Times Book Review, about science and meteorology.
Art direction: Nicholas Blechman and Jolene Cuyler.


Just a couple of portraits made for Forbes Japan.

Artificial Intelligence

This is the cover illustration I made for “Artificial Intelligence” by Kevin Warwick, published by Dario Flaccovio Editore.


This is the cover illustration I made for “#Selfie” by Tommaso Sorchiotti and Alessandro Prunesti, published by Dario Flaccovio Editore.

Digital Carisma

This is the cover illustration I made for “The 42 universal laws of Digital Carisma” by Rudy Bandiera, published by Dario Flaccovio Editore.

Net Branding

This is the cover illustration I made for “Express your identity through Net Branding” by Riccardo Scandellari, published by Dario Flaccovio Editore.

Ode to Code

Editorial illustration that talks about the relevance to teach Coding at primary school.

Client: School Library Journal

The Business of Top-Level Domains

This illustration talks about the rapid development of .xyz domain against the more traditional .com

Learning by Making

Illustration for School Library Magazine about student learning mode.

Digital Culture

This is the cover illustration I made for “Change your mind and empower your business through the Digital Culture” by Rosa Giuffrè, published by Dario Flaccovio Editore.

Is Loyalty dead?

Editorial illustration for Entrepreneur Magazine that talks about the lack of loyalty programs in the travel business.

FS Focus | April 2015

Cover illustration made for ICAEW FS Focus Magazine, April issue.

Panorama Musique #02

Cover illustration for the brand new mixtape of HELLOMYNAMEISRA, published by Panorama Musique.

Righting the Wrongs

Editorial illustration for Entrepreneur Magazine.


Wall painting performance at Housatonic Design Network in Bologna, Italy.
Thanks to Alfredo Carlo and his creative team.

How to find Job

Cover illustration for Wired Italy, The Job Issue.

Find your identity on Instagram

Cover illustration made for the new book of Andrea “Style1” Antoni, published by Dario Flaccovio Editore.

Kosmos & Chaos

Kosmos & Chaos is a 3 colors poster made for an exhibition about Carnival culture in Italy.


Acrylic on paper canvas by Open Box, 24 x 24 cm.

Tweet from the Holy See

Editorial illustration for Wired Italy, Cybertheology section.

Can a doctor refuse me medical care?

One of a series of illustrations about HIV and medical care in France, made for Tetu Magazine, november issue.

Celebrating Life

Vita Magazine celebrate its 20 years of pubblications.
For this reason Matteo Riva ask me to make a poster that resume the values of the magazine.

Dash of Salt Does No Harm

Editorial illustration for The Upshot (The New York Times). The artwork talks about moderation and how it is the best bet in health.

Greetings from Milano

“Greetings from Milano” is my first solo
show, dedicated to the city of Milan,
which will be launched on Saturday,
October 11th at 6pm in Spazio Vogh,
Via Voghera, 6.
It will stay open until Saturday,
October 18th from 11am to 9pm.

Mediterranean Diet

Cover illustration about Mediterranean
diet for Celiachia Notizie, the house
organ of AIC (Italian Association
against Celiac Desease).


This is my contribute to Whakiti,
a charity exhibition whose aim is to raise money for Haiti.

21 x 42cm


Cover illustratration for La Repubblica, Health section.

The Big Apple

The Big Apple is a 2 color Risograph poster. Printed on 210g Canaletto paper by Cordenons, 21 x 29,7 cm. Numbered and signed in an edition of 100.

You can buy your copy in my shop.

When Jesus Call You

Editorial illustration for Wired Italy that talks about “the calling” at the time of the Net.

Internet is a Gift from God

Editorial illustration for Wired Italy.

Dilemma: Coffee or Tea?

On december 2013 I was asked from Gigolè (a concept store in Chiaravalle, Italy) to make an illustration for their Art Mug Project.

This illustration is a sort of Shakespeare tribute. A breakfast “to be or not to be”. A morning dilemma between coffee or tea.

Let there be Noise!

Cover illustration made for Fegato,
an italian independent magazine focused
on design culture and art.

Marking the Scorecard

Editorial illustration for Economia Magazine. This artwork talks about the tools used by the big companies to measure and improve their results.